Secure Client Portal

Because you entrust us with sensitive information — social security numbers, birth dates, brokerage account numbers, for example — we  must keep your information safe. We use encrypted email for sensitive documents we send you and we request that you never send us any sensitive information in an unencrypted email.

Instead, please use our SECURE PORTAL.  You can do many things in our portal:

  • upload your tax documents
  • download your completed tax return
  • e-sign your authorization to e-file
  • pay your invoice
  • send us a secure message

There are several ways to get your info uploaded. You may already have a PDF file of your tax documents available (for example, downloaded from your broker). You can scan the documents using a scanner connected to your computer. Lastly, you can use a phone scanning app to take a picture of your document(s) and convert it to PDF. We accept image formats, but prefer multi-page PDFs. For Quickbooks, we prefer a backup file or a portable file.

Secure Portal Login

Login to the portal using the email we have for the primary taxpayer. If you have forgotten your password, please use the “reset password” function to have a new password e-mailed to you (remember to use the primary taxpayer’s SSN).

Here’s a guide to scanning for upload:

(Help videos coming soon!)