Paper Forms

Although we really think our online Engagement Letter and Questionnaire is great, we understand its not for everyone.  You can request paper versions of the engagement letter or questionnaire by calling the office or downloading the PDFs below. Documents can be dropped off at the office during normal business hours (please call to make sure someone is in first). Allow an additional week for scanning before we can look at your documents.

2023 Tax Year Engagement Letter/7216/Privacy PolicyPolicy

2023 Individual Questionnaire

Forms you may or may not need to fill out:

2023 1040 Due Diligence This form is required if you are claiming dependents or have education credits.

2023 Business Questionnaire Use this form if you have a business, farm or rental property.

Here are a few other forms that we may ask you to complete:

Foreign interests If you were born or lived outside of the US, have family in another country, have foreign bank accounts, pensions, trusts, etc, please complete this form.

New Client Information Sheet  for new clients

Conflict of Interest Waiver If you are separating, divorced, or living apart (both spouses must sign thier own form)

If you are having trouble accessing downloads from the online questionnaire, here are some links:

Additional Fee Schedule 2023

1099 reporting requirements