IRS Transcripts

Your IRS transcripts contain a wealth of information:

  1. Your Tax Return transcript shows most items on your return as filed.
  2. Your Account transcript shows all the transactions on your account – including estimated tax payments, stimulus payments, and Advance Child Tax Credit payments
  3. Your Wage and Income transcript shows all the income documents (such as W-2s, 1099-Rs) the IRS has received for your SSN.  A mismatch between what the IRS has received and you have reported on your return will generate an IRS notice.

There are several ways you can obtain copies of your IRS transcripts.

The fastest way to obtain your IRS transcripts is to set up a taxpayer account with the IRS and request them online. If you do not yet have an account, the IRS is now using for verification, and it is easier than before.

The IRS webpage for transcripts is:  – you can sign in or create your account at this page.  A photo ID and a camera (your phone camera is fine) are required to verify your identity. You may want to set up your account prior to requesting your transcripts with the IRS. For more information about setting up an an account for IRS verification, see Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – Support.  

An alternative is to allow JK Associates LLC to access your transcripts.  We can obtain copies of your transcripts if we have prior written permission via Form 8821.  Please be aware that your transcript may not be available to us until about 8 weeks after we submit the signed copy to the IRS for recording, so this is not a fast method.  Download Form 8821, fill out Section 1, and sign (wet signature required).  Upload to your secure portal or bring it by the office (do not email this form).  Form 8821 is required for both spouses, and there is an additional fee for this.